Accessible local justice solutions for safer, connected communities

  • Improve our understanding of the changing demographics of offending and disadvantage in Yarra to ensure the NJC continues to meet evolving needs and build community capacity
  • Expand our hearing capacity to better support justice in the City of Yarra and help deliver on Family Violence Royal Commission reforms, including through establishment of a second court room
  • Explore opportunities to expand our presence within and outside of Yarra, including adoption of the model in other disadvantaged communities, with a focus on the Department of Justice and Community Safety’s Complex Needs Review.

A recognised and valued community justice model

  • Strengthen our advocacy to courts and government and build public understanding of the positive impact and value of the NJC community justice model
  • Continue to create innovations that improve the community's experience of the justice system and increase community safety; solutions that can be rolled out to the MCV, other areas of the justice system or local communities, as appropriate
  • Articulate our role as an International Mentor Community Court and pursue opportunities to learn from and share practice with local, national and international community justice peers.

A connected and trusted partner 

  • Ensure critical government stakeholders understand our role and consider testing the delivery of priority reforms with us
  • Establish structures to embed the community’s experiences into our services and programs and ensure we create beneficial outcomes across diverse communities in Yarra 
  • Strengthen our service partnership model to meet evolving priority needs.

Unlocking justice innovation

  • Continue to create innovations that improve the community’s experience of the justice system, increase community safety and that can be rolled out to the MCV, other areas of the justice system or local communities, as appropriate
  • Build our profile as a recognised hub for evidence-based justice and innovation where the MCV, other courts, government and community can solve problems connected to the social determinants of crime and the community’s confidence in the justice system
  • Explore the use of emerging technologies and approaches to increase access to justice, with sector leaders, including MCV
  • Deepen the NJC’s innovation culture, systems and capacity to encourage further innovation across the Centre.

A passionate, skilled and cohesive organisation  

  • Invest in the health and wellbeing of our people and continue to build diversity in all ways across our workforce
  • Continue to attract people with the core skills, attitudes and knowledge to deliver the NJC’s community justice model
  • Strengthen internal communication and knowledge-sharing systems to support learning, collaboration and innovation across the NJC, the broader MCV network and relevant sectors
  • Continually review our operating and resource model to ensure it remains sustainable and financially resilient, and can to respond to the evolving needs of Victorian communities and the broader justice system.