Children's Court at the NJC

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre's multi-jurisdicational court hears Children's Court (Criminal Division) for young people living the City of Yarra.'

Note: the court does not hear Family Division matters.

Matters heard

  • Contest mentions
  • Pleas
  • Deferrals
  • Breaches

Contested matters are heard in the  Children's Court of Victoria, located in Melbourne city.

One-magistrate model

One magistrate hears all matters, and for this reason, the Magistrate has an in depth understanding of the community, and for children returning to court, this means they see a familiar face, which improves their trust and participation in the justice process.

For police lawyers

Sitting days

1st  Friday of every month:  To end 2017:   6 Oct  |  10 Nov  |  1 Dec 

Children living in the Yarra PSA should be summonsed / bailed to the Children’s Court at the  Neighbourhood Justice Centre.  

(Yarra stations:    Fitzroy 3065     Richmond 3121     Collingwood 3067) 

Remands & Custody

NJC takes new remands and custody matters on:

Monday  |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  | 1st Friday of every month

To check capacity call Registry prior to attendance:      

Registry 9948 8777  |  Prosecutions  9948 8715