Victims of serious crime

The Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal provides financial assistance to victims of crime committed in Victoria to assist them recover.

The tribunal sits at the NJC to hear matters relating to victims of crime who live in the City of Yarra. 

VOCAT provides:

  • financial assistance for expenses incurred, or reasonably likely to be incurred, as a direct result of the crime  
  • financial assistance for the injury when compensation cannot be obtained from the offender or other sources.

Assistance includes help with: 

  • counselling
  • medical, safety-related and funeral expenses,
  • lost earnings and other reasonable expenses to assist a victim of crime in their recovery

(VOCAT does not award financial assistance for property damage or loss as a result of a crime).

Find out more

To find out more about your eligibility, how and when to apply and more contact VOCAT (External link)directly.