Artwork: Magic Lantern Studio, Lucy Parkinson and Gonzalo Varela

It takes a village to raise a child

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre is working with over 20 local organisations to give young people in our community the best start in life by fostering healthy behaviour and education.

Young people are vulnerable to taking risks that put them in harm’s way, which is why we are targeting youth alcohol and drug experimentation, anti-social behaviour, sexual risk-taking, and school disengagement.

We’re tackling these significant issues by using Communities That Care®, an early intervention and prevention framework for identifying local needs and solutions. 

Importantly, through participating in this project, we've been able to hear directly from over 500 young people who, through surveys and feedback, contribute to the knowledge we need to help them. 

Our Communities That Care partners include around 18 Yarra schools, the Department of Human Services, and Victoria Police, and a range of social services. Implementation is led by Yarra City Counsel.

We're part of 17 Communities That Care groups in Victoria, including  Mornington Peninsula, Myrtleford, Knox, Geelong, Cardinia, Warrnambool, East Gippsland and Bendigo, with around 800 communities worldwide.

Get involved

For more information about CTC in Yarra, contact Bella Laidlaw – Yarra Communities That Care Program Leader on (03) 9426 1506.