Art of justice

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre is a court, treatment centre, and a community hub.

It's also an art gallery.

People from across the City of Yarra Centre participate in Urban Campfire, our much-loved art program.

Urban Campfire is open to anyone, all ages and abilities, from professional artist to people who simply love the creative process.

We call our art program Urban Campfire because at its heart, community is about warmth, friendship and story-telling.

Urban campfires warm our centre

People come to the NJC for many reasons, and we want everyone who steps through our doors to feel welcome and safe. 

Breathing colour and light into our building through art is a great way to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Stories in oil, charcoal, and glue

The voices of our community must be heard, which is why artists are free to contribute works that resonate with what’s important to them.  

Over the years art has explored themes such as family, inclusion, diversity, dispossession, belonging, loneliness and barriers, safe passage, new beginnings, living in the service of others, and fairness.

These themes also lie at the heart of justice, so what better place to have these visual conversations than at a justice centre?  

Art of making friends

Urban Campfire is about participation and friendship, which is why our program is a collaboration with:

  • Community groups
  • Social enterprises
  • Neighbourhood Houses
  • Art collectives
  • Professional galleries
  • Primary schools and preschool centres.

Campfire partners

Urban Campfire is curated by an expert in community art, and managed by Belgium Avenue Neighbourhood House.

Get involved

If you’re keen to join our program, contact Sue on 9428 1676 or email (External link) (External link)

Visit our autumn-winter exhibition at Centre open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, 241 Wellington Street, Collingwood.

Autumn exhibition 2019

Urban Campfire Autumn 2019 (External link)

Spring exhibition 2018
Urban Campfire Spring 2018 (External link)
Autumn exhibition 2018

Urban Campfire Autumn 2018 (External link)

Spring exhibition 2017

Urban Campfire Spring 2017 (External link) 

Autumn Exhibition 2017

Urban Campfire Autumn 2017 (External link)