Chaplain banner

 Artwork: Teret, Corner of Little Smith Street and Webb Street, Fitzroy

About our Chaplain's support   

If you or a member of your family is attending our court, our Salvation Army Chaplain is here to provide you with care and support before, during and after your time at the Centre.

The chaplain provides pastoral care (emotional support) and material aid (for example, finding emergency accommodation).

By listening with empathy and respect, the chaplain is a welcome support for anyone going hardship or dealing with the stress of going to court. And chaplain is here for everyone no matter their faith.

Our chaplain can assist with:

  • referrals to services
  • emergency relief services and support
  • accommodation support
  • explaining the justice process 
  • simply being there for you on the day of your court matter

To set up a meeting with the chaplain call the NJC on 9948 8777, or you can talk to the chaplain directly on the day. Any member of our staff can put you in touch with the chaplain.