Fines Assist Clinic

Our Fines Assist Clinic is free and confidential service for anyone in Yarra who's got fines to sort out.

It doesn't matter how many you have or where things are, we can help you get on top of the situation. 

Types of fines we can help with include:

  • Traffic infringements  (e.g. speeding, parking, running red lights tickets)
  • Public transport  (e.g. drinking or smoking on trains, no Myki, no concession card)
  • Victoria Police fines (e.g.  drunk in public and offensive language/behaviour)
  • CityLink or Eastlink tolls
  • Court fines 

How it works

When you come in for a session we'll look at your fines, and talk about what's going on. From there, we work out the best way forward.

A session lasts an hour, and most clients need two or more. Don't forget, this service is free.

In between sessions, we' do the homework, including drafting letters or contracts.   


We can also advocate on your behalf. This means we negotiate for you.

Special circumstances

You may have valid reasons to pay less or no fines.

These are called special circumstances, and the court wants to hear these reasons. 

Our service will identify if you qualify for special circumstances.

What to bring

You need to bring:

  • Fines 
  • identification,such as a driver’s license, healthcare card or passport.

Clinic hours

Fridays 10am-2pm

Book a session

Phone 9948 8777

Drop in to book any time. The NJC is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

About your Fines Assist team

Fines Assist is run by senior RMIT financial counselling students.  

Students undergo comprehensive ongoing training and are supervised by Carlton/Financial Counsellors, NJC's onsite counseling service.