Duty Lawyer services

The justice system is complex and there is a lot of information to take in, forms and documents to prepare, and often a number of people to meet with. This is why we highly recommend you have a lawyer. 

'Duty' lawyers work in many courts and tribunals, including at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

If you do not have your own lawyer, we can organise for a duty lawyer to assist you.

Phone the NJC on 9948 8777.

All legal assistance is provided by independent lawyers from:

  • Fitzroy Legal Service

  • Victoria Legal Aid

  • Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

  • Darabin Community Legal Service

Pre-Hearing Clinic

Preparing for court is important and one of the best ways to be ready is to get legal help as early as possible.

Come to our Pre-Hearing Clinic and talk to a duty lawyer.

The Pre-Hering Clinic is a great way to find a duty lawyer and prepare for court well ahead of time.

Clinic dates.

  • 21 September
  • 19 October
  • 16 November

Book today 

Book a place at the next clinic today.  Call the Neighbourhood Justice Centre on 9948 8777. 

Why get legal help?

No matter what your matter is, having a lawyer by your side also takes a lot of the stress out of being in court.

If you opt to self-represent, consider carefully how much you understand about your matter, the law, and how the law works before you decide to go it alone.

If you decide you don’t need help now, you can change your mind and get legal representation at any time.

You also may be eligible for free legal assistance and we can find out for you if this is the case.


Duty lawyer services are free for anyone who is eligible.

In the event a service is not free, you may also be eligible for a grant for legal aid. Your lawyer will discuss your options with you.