Family Violence Intervention Order Online Application

Applying for protection is now easier

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre developed and launched Australia's first online Family Violence Intervention Order application.

Now people who need an intervention order can apply when and where it suits their safety needs. 

The application is now available at the Hamilton, Portland, Ringwood, Sunshine, Warrnambool and Werribee Magistrates’ Courts.

Meeting needs

The online application is designed to fit the needs of users.

It's user-friendly as it’s:

  • Written in Plain English. Includes clear explanations about what behaviour the law defines as abusive/unlawful.
  • Emotionally logical. Mimics the ‘flow’ of natural story-telling before having to fill in administrative details 
  • Convenient. Accessible 24/7 on any device (phone/tablet/laptop) and can be saved for up to 4 weeks. People can apply when and were it suits them. This is important when their abuser may be controlling their movements. 

Puts user safety first as it includes:

  • Common Risk Assessment Framework integrated into the form to automatically flag risk factors for court staff and magistrates to move quickly.
  • Safety tips and safe contact options so court only contacts applicant when safe to do so.
  • Quick escape feature for the applicant to close the form and redirect to Google quickly in the event they are interrupted.

Safety also includes:

  • Encrypts data at rest, uses 128bit SSL security and password-protected.
  • Applicants must come into court in person to change their password. This prevents the system being hacked by the abuser.

Helps users and courts to save time as it is:

  • Easier for applicants to complete on their own. This reduces the need for visits and calls to courts and services
  • Indicates the need for an ‘interim’ or urgent intervention order. This allows court staff to potentially reduce one court visit, and  triage new cases more efficiently.
  • Automates the entry of information from the form into internal systems, which reduces time spent in data entry and processing.


In 2015 we developed and launched a human-centred, convenient, efficient and secure online form. The pilot was a success with high satisfaction ratings from users.

One applicant surveyed reported that "if it wasn't for the online form, I don't think I would have applied. It would have been too traumatic". 

Funding and recognition

In December 2015 the Public Sector Innovation Fund, Department of Premier and Cabinet provided funding for the online FVIO form to be rolled out.

In March 2016 the Royal Commission into Family Violence also recommended that the online form be rolled out statewide. 

Anticipated savings for the State will be in the millions ($).

See the form here (External link)

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