The Neighbourhood Justice Centre is honoured to be a world’s first International Mentor Community Court, a title bestowed by the  Center for Court Innovation, New York.

As mentor, our doors are open for you to learn about our model and practices, and we welcome the opportunity to learn from justice and allied services colleagues, and share the knowledge and ideas that improve our justice systems.

Visit us

On a visit to the Centre, you will learn about: 

  • Formation of the Centre
  • Multi-jurisdictional court
  • Embedded Specialist Services Model (onsite support services)
  • Community engagement and crime prevention
  • Therapeutic justice in action
  • Community justice in a global context
  • architectural and design elements 
  • Digital innovations
  • Education initiatives.

Let us know what topics you are most interested in and we'll design a program that suits you best.

Virtual information sessions

We provide online learning  and virtual information sessions and tours. If you are looking for a more specialist or tailored virtual session, please contact the NJC Education Team to discuss.

Visit our Knowledge Centre. (External link) to learn more about us. 


Training and orientation 

Our team present technically informed sessions tailored to professionals as well as general information sessions for the general community. 

As always, you have a particular interest or learning outcome to explore, we can tailor your own program to meet your interests.

Student engagement and mentoring

Secondary and tertiary student can undertake student placements and mentoring with us.

Students learn about the day-to-day operations of the NJC, observe practice and interaction between areas, and serve the community. We universities to design student programs and programs that will assist them learn and skill up.

Research and innovation

We collaborate with academics, professionals or practitioners on research and innovation projects.

Since opening in 2007, we have created and implemented a variety of  justice initiatives (External link) and our Program Innovation Team can help plan, test and implement new projects or offer advice to kick-start yours.

As always, we improve by sharing innovating collaboratively, so we will learn from you too.

Contact details

NJC Education
9:00am-5:00pm (Monday – Friday)
Phone: (03) 9948 8777
Email: (External link)