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About mediation

Mediation helps people in dispute find practical, mutually-agreed-to-solutions for a wide range of issues.

It can also save you additional expenses, or from going to court to resolve your issue.

Mediation focuses on finding practical solutions that work for everyone and is:

  • arranged very quickly
  • informal and confidential
  • a way to have a say in the outcome.

Solutions through mediation

Our Mediation services can help you resolve the conflict you're in with someone. 

Here's an example of the wide range of issues mediation is designed for:

  • civil matters that have gone to court
  • trees, fences, noise and other neighbourhood disputes
  • organisational disputes (e.g. clubs and committees)
  • workplace conflict
  • planning and environmental disputes
  • school disputes

How mediation works

A Dispute Assessment Officer (DAO) will:

  • talk with you about your dispute
  • discuss possible ways you can resolve it yourself
  • provide information and/or referral
  • assess if your dispute is suitable for mediation

If your issue is suitable for mediation and you agree to proceed, the DAO will arrange a meeting between you, the other person/s, and a resolve the issue face-to-face.

Note, the DAO will only organise a mediation with your permission.

Mediation—including a one-on-one meeting with the mediator, and a session with the other person—usually takes around 3 to 4 hours over a number of days.

Other conflict resolution pathways

For complex conflicts involving many people talk to our Crime Prevention (External link)team.

If you live outside the City of Yarra, contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (External link) for assistance.

Mediation is free and confidential.