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About peacemaking

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre’s Peacemaking service helps people who are affected by conflict or crime.

It's easy to think that the only way to resolve conflict or crime is by going to court. But court isn't always the best solution and that's why we offer our Peacemaking service.

Peacemaking gives anyone affected by a harmful issue a safe, supportive, and confidential space to work out how to make things better.

It’s designed for a wide range of circumstances, such as:

  • actions that have caused harm, including criminal actions
  • poorly managed or unresolved issues.

Peacemaking works for two people right up to large groups whether strangers, friends and family, community members, or work colleagues.

Around the world, organisations and communities use this life-changing problem-solving solution.

Better still, participants often come away having learned valuable problem-solving skills.

We run this respectful, confidential and free service for anyone living or working in the City of Yarra.

How it works

First, Peacemaking is a facilitated conversation. That is, our Peacemaking Manager is the Facilititor, guiding the process from beginning to end.

In the lead-up to the meeting, our facilitator will meet you and the other participants separately to discuss the issue that is causing harm.  The facilitator will also make sure that Peacemaking is the right solution and that everyone is willing to continue.

After this, we move to the Peacemaking meeting. This is where everyone comes together to:

  •  explore what happened
  •  hear how everyone has been affected
  •  find solutions that everyone agrees with.

Our facilitator may record the outcomes in a written agreement, which everyone signs, and gets a copy to take home.  This agreement is made in good faith and is not legally binding.

Our facilitator will be with you every step of the way, and because repairing harm can take time, you set the pace.

If you or others, wish to try another approach, our facilitator can assist in finding another service.

Time needed

Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes, so each Peacemaking journey is different. 

One meeting might be enough, or we may find more would be better. Our facilitator will discuss this with you as things progress.

Bring a friend

Family members, friends, and/or support workers are welcome to be part of the process with you.

Get in touch

Contact Anita De Blasio, Peacemaking Program Manager 
E (External link)
W  9087 5739   
M  0438472703