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The Community Adviser Panel (CAP) is a register of people from the City of Yarra, who would like to help us improve access to justice for everyone in our community.

We are interested in listening to your experiences and getting your input. We believe that community justice works better, and our community is safer and stronger, when there is a whole of community perspective in the planning and designing of our services and programs.

There will be many ways you can be involved, including:

  • interviews to capture your experiences
  • co-designing services and programs
  • focus groups and workshops
  • surveys and email feedback.

As a member, you will receive emails about opportunities to help us with our work. You can choose which activities you take part in.

Depending on the activity, participation could be a few minutes online to a day.

We value your involvement and offer payments for most activities. Extra support is also available to make sure all members can participate.


Everyone in our community is welcome to join.

The CAP is open to all members of the City of Yarra community, and welcomes the unique experiences and perspectives of:

  • people living, working, or studying in the local area
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people with a strong connection to the City of Yarra
  • people who have used the NJC’s services in the past, but who no longer live within Yarra
  • representatives from local community and cultural groups
  • representatives from local service providers and organisations
  • people who operate a business in the City of Yarra

We will open registrations for CAP membership soon. Follow us on the NJC social media channels to find out when registrations are open.